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Sacredfy Portfolio

Greetings dear hearts!

Here are some of the creative projects we have been developing:

1. Lotus Cosmos - documentary series

2. Yogi Cowherd Boy - ebook series

3. Future Dwaraka - animation series

We are passionate about creating educational and entertaining spiritual resources for children, youth and adults. These are just the first few projects that we’ve been working on. We plan to soon create transformative games, animations, documentaries, learning apps, storybooks, based on bhaktivedanta psychology & philosophy.

Imagine learning about the structure of the spiritual and material creations, while travelling throughout the realms of consciousness as described in vedic scripture, using augmented and virtual reality technologies!

If you and your family would like to gain VIP access to these exceptional resources, you can become our patron at, and get what you’ve been dreaming of for your children and youth for so long.

Let us revolutionise our life with purely truthful & loving energy!

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