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Future Dwaraka Stories

Project Type

Comic Books | Animation | Game | Virtual Reality

Release Date

March 2027

There are unifying ways to transform the negative energies that seem to consume and overpower. Through ‘Future Dwaraka’ stories we learn to transcend false ego and manifest pure loving ego. We learn strategies to transform our dark self with meditative, light energy strategies that purify and transform hate, lust, anger, envy and greed. Become acquainted with the spiritual practice of busting anarthas (i.e. uncaring programmed qualities covering the self), while unveiling arthas (i.e. the natural wealth of caring qualities within the self).

Become immersed in the possibilities of eternal consciousness. Discover the potential of your eternal spiritual avatar made of complete consciousness and unlimited bliss. Explore reality through the vision of unconditional loving devotion.

'Future Dwaraka’ stories take us on a journey within our subconscious imagination to overcome our inner battles of doubt & fear and unlock belief & truth in our highest spiritual potential.

This collection of artworks provide creative inspiration for the Future Dwaraka Stories that will be produced by Sacredfy Studios.

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