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Yogi Cowherd Boy: Gopkumar Story

Project Type

Storybook | Graphic Novel | Game | Virtual Reality

Release Date

March 2025

Join Gopkumar in his forest village on Earth, and experience his spiritual growth after he receives a transformative mantra. Experience his personal revelations as he travels from one place of worship to the next throughout the land of India. Travel with him on celestial vimanas (space-ships) beyond Earth as he seeks the Avatar of his mantra in other planetary realms within the multiverse. Rapidly traverse with Gopkumar throughout the layers of the Cosmic Egg and break through the boundaries of material time and space. Discover the spiritual practice he learns from a cosmic traveller in Kailash where he meets Lord Shiva, and see how he again returns back to Earth to cultivate regulated spiritual practice. Again experience his swift journey past the layers of material time and space, past Kailash and into the spiritual universes. Join him as he travels from one spiritual planet to the next on his quest for his Avatar of pure, sweet ecstatic love. When he learns about the method for attaining spontaneous, unbounded, divine love for his favourite Avatar, in the mood of a friend, he again returns to Earth. After cultivating divine love he speedily travels through all of the material and spiritual universes and finally reaches the destination of his sweetest, most loving Avatar on the most astonishing Vimala. See how he enters the most exotic, secret destination in spiritual time and space, where every word is a song and every step is a dance, where the eternal forest of desire trees grow in abundant flavour and fragrance. Having perfected his mantra and having developed fully blossomed loving devotion towards his favourite Avatar, Gopkumar is finally invited into the inner transcendental realm known as Goloka, Vrindavan, the complete reality.

This collection of artworks provides creative inspiration for the the Yogi Cowherd Boy: Gopkumar storybook, graphic novel, game & virtual reality that will be produced by Sacredfy Studios.

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